Christian life is grounded in relationship and flows out of worship. Our culture cannot be healthier than the church. If you want to be entertained we would suggest a movie or a ball game. If you hunger and thirst for Biblical truth with a desire to consistently apply God's Word to all areas of life we invite you to join with us in worship, communion, fellowship, and an exciting walk of faith, "taking every thought captive to our Lord, Jesus Christ."


What to expect when you join us for congregational worship. 


Welcome dear friend! You have come to worship the Creator and Lord of all that is created. Join with us as we lift our voices and holy hands in giving praise honor & glory to our Lord, King and Saviour Jesus Christ. Remember the great works of our God with the redeemed of God from ages past to ages to come in communal worship and holy fellowship. Let the Word of God dwell in you richly, producing works of repentance and sanctification knowing that we like you are not perfect but rather perfected by the blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ shed once for all. It may seem that we are a bit different than other churches you have been in. Our desire is that the Good News of salvation to the redemption of all that is be worked out through us and to be known by our love for one another and for you


We do not have a formal pastorate. We are self governed with elder oversight. All members are expected to develop their gifts, including those which are of a pastoral nature, and bring them to serve others in Christ.

Children in worship

The "family" language of scripture is unmistakable and unavoidable. God is a father, Jesus is a Son. We believe that the family of God includes the children of believing parents, at least from the moment of conception. We work to train and discipline our little saints toward a real and full flowering Biblical faith. We believe that the Word of God has power to convert the soul and that the Holy Spirit is not bound by the age of the hearer. Formal worship is no substitute for daily Godly training in the home. Please be considerate of others as you discipline your little ones


We do not find the common array of programs that many fellowships offer to be needful or helpful. Some are simply dangerous to the spiritual well being of Christ’s body. If you have specific needs that we may minister to, please speak to one of our elders.


  We do not believe the church has exhausted its creative capacity to compose music and write lyrics that truly magnify the beauty of our Lord and his redemptive work in history. The present era in the west is marked by self-centeredness and sensuality. We desire to neither pine for the "good old days" or rush into music the is ripe with the "spirit of the age". Our Hymnal and Psalter, though not without weaknesses, were chosen because of their overall conformity to Biblical standards.


We do not "pass the hat". Our members provide the financial support for this local work.. If you have been blessed through us and are led to contribute to the work of this fellowship please place your gift in the small basket near the pulpit.

The IRS recognizes that the church is immune from taxation. (We are not a 501c3 corporation)


We believe that the Christ’s body, the church, is universal and local. We govern ourselves and maintain order via an eldership and congregational rule. We maintain a close fellowship with other local communions and fellow saints so as to draw from the wisdom and experience of the larger church but are not formally bound to any.

Communion Practice

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper in conjunction with a Feast prepared by the ladies of the congregation monthly on the second Sunday. We hold to the belief that this is a covenantal meal to be enjoyed by believing parents and their children. We also hold firm convictions concerning Christian Liberty and hence respect doctrinal and eschatological differences that will surely show themselves in practice.

We hope that our choice of communion wine speaks well to our gospel way of life.

Jest Red Wine


Giddy pleasure, leaping grace...this red wine, blended from seven noble grape varietals, was crushed by the bare feet of 69 beautiful women in the wee light of dawn one misty October day. The nose is deeply perfumed with wild dewberries, Himalayan breeding musk and horehound candy, while the flavors, so titillating they may only be disclosed in the Ecstatic Singing Mantra, will remain cloaked in silence until the bottle is uncorked. Sip delicately, sing with abandon.


The church is often and rightly refered to as the "called out ones", and the "children of the King." We are the "redeemed," and the "beloved of God." We have been "washed clean," and blessed "with so great an inheritance" and "the Lord delights in us" as we "live in Him." There are those who may think us too happy in a world that is "going to the dogs." Our  reply...."let them sip sour grapes if they insist, we are committed to respecting your Christian liberty. We, however, will revel in his gracious salvation, dance in our obedience and sing with abandon."


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