Wild Men's Wisdom & Fellowship Weekend

October 13th through 15th, Covenant Community Church hosted their first annual gathering of young men ( over 13 ) and older men ( no age limit, here! ), in the beautiful setting of God's glorious natural creation. A good time was had by all, and I know that everyone involved returned to their domicile blessed, and hopefully a bit less burdened.

Thursday evening was fairly uneventful, besides stopping along the way to cut some tent-poles, and setting up the cabin tent, but on Friday; the rest of the crowd began to roll into camp. After some good fellowship around the fire, centered around a short devotional by Peter Young, older men and younger began to break out the weaponry, and set up targets on the tall hillside across from the camp. Everything from Ruger 10/22s to a specialized .30-06 and a .308 sniper rifle was brought out, with other assorted .22s and 'dirty-30s'. And that was just the long-guns! We also heard from .45s of varying types, .9mms, and a .38 caliber wheel-gun.

After the targets were mutilated ( some more precisely than others ), we gathered around the fire again, for more fellowship and the evening meal. Saturday dawned rather chilly ( again ), looking like rain or snow. After a while though, the clouds passed over, and things began to warm up a bit. As the morning wore on, teams for the 'Young Men's Relay King of the Hill Endurance Race' ( AKA, 'The Battle for Weathertop' ) were chosen, and the race began with the crack of a pistol-shot. Our photographer did his best to keep up, or even ahead of the runners, and he got a few good shots, but it was not till toward the end, that he was able to really get into good shooting range.

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