Where in the Kingdom is Whitehall


For driving information, maps and other travel aids go to www.mapquest.com and click the "Directions" button and enter your starting address. Then enter your destination as "Whitehall, MT 59759".  Click on the "Get Directions" button and VOILA'!

Driving? Whitehall is along I-90 about 60 miles west of Bozeman, 200 miles west of Billings, 130 east of Missoula and 22 miles east of Butte. From Helena we are 70 miles south and 170 miles from Great Falls. Driving from Denver we are 760 miles, Salt Lake 586, Seattle 614 and Portland 685 miles.

Flying? Bozeman and Helena are probably going to offer the best service depending on where you are departing from. Billings  Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) is a 200 mile drive (very beautiful for all interstate) but if you find a deal it might be worth a little windshield time. Check out air fares at:  http://www.delta.com/travel/plan/special_offers/web_fares/index.jsp

We have some volunteers to shuttle to and from Helena, Bozeman and Butte. If you will be needing this service please help us by notifying us early with your arrival and departure plans.

Motels and RV Parks: Whitehall has several comfortable, friendly and very affordable motels all very close to the Education Station.


Chief Motel:  406-287-3921   3 blocks
Rodeway Inn:


8 blocks

Whitetail Creek RV Park 406-287-5315 8 blocks
Pipestone RV Park 406-287-5224 7 miles west
Cardwell RV Park 406-287-5092 7 miles east

Whitehall is central to a tremendous variety of fun, educational and recreational opportunities. From the rich mining and railroad history to the colorful Indians, cowmen and outlaws to cultural highlights and historical sites, museums and the magnificent outdoors. Spring comes....whenever it wants to!  Independence Day can be pretty chilly in the evening but is usually moderately warm during the day. Nice summertime weather will greet you from mid-July through early September. Mid September is usually marked by cool nights and moderate to warm days. Fall colors are often in their prime and the  summer tourist crowd, though ordinarily light are by now thinned to nothing. Winter is always sunny and very little snow. Wind?.....Now that's another topic.

No place is perfect!



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