Election Sermon 2010

Covenant Community Church's ministry to the Civil Ministers - Project Liberty Tree once again presented an Election Sermon at the Capitol Rotunda, Sunday - January 2nd at 3:00 PM.

Guest Preacher: Pastor Warren Mark Campbell taught on Oaths, Covenants and the Holy Cause of Liberty

Dear Representative;
re: The Personhood Referendum HB-490
If you have any desire to do what is right and decent. If you have any moral principle at all. Please hear our testimony regarding allowing the people of this fair state to speak our mind on this most crucial subject. Will the people do what is right? Give them a chance. Will you do what is right? Act with courage. Wether†you or they will†do what is right†is yet to be seen. "Who's hands will the blood be on?"† is the question. There is a multi-million $ industry built around this gruesome business. Will you honor them?† Will you honor Almighty God? Choose wisely.
In service to Christ the King and his creation,
Steven J. Wagner
Covenant Community Church
Whitehall, Montana
Covenant Community Church testimony on the Personhood Referendum (HB-490) before the Montana House of Representatives

"They have ears but they hear not."

Open Letter to our Servants in the Legislature

Candle_1.jpgThe Genealogy of the New Creation: Matthew 1 in Covenant Context Bo Stuart December 11, 2010


The Everlasting Father of the New Family Tim Martin December 18, 2010

Candle_1.jpgTwo Women Who Sought Their Promised Rest - The Rest of the Christmas Story††Bo Stuart December 26, 2010

The Christmas Story†with a whole lot of paradigm shaking going on!

Listen to these three sermons†in order and we think you will go away with a much deeper appreciation for the Christmas story and the Christmas season.

A Worm In the Apple

Had a full covenantal consciousness developed among the Reformers, they would have rejected merit in the believerís works and in the work of Christ....The net result would have been a challenge to Rome that may have completely transformed Christendom by attacking the very root of Romeís error concerning the gospel of Christ.

Clear Commands to the Magistrate

The church†must recover her voice and in certain cases tell law-makers "We will not obey."

Covenant Community's Testimony to Montana State Senate Education Committee hearing on proposed Homeschool Bill - 2005

The First Modern Election Day Sermon

Delivered in the main courtroom at the county courthouse, Jefferson County, Montana on November 5, 2000.

Since then Covenant Community Church has†presented numerous Election Sermons in county†courthouses and in the state capitol.

Project Liberty Tree is†a ministry of Covenant Community Church†aimed at recovering and restoring a truly biblical theology of civil government.

Beyond Creation Science

How Preterism Refutes a Global Flood

"In the System Not of It"

A Response to Doug Wilson
of Christ Church Moscow, Idaho o
n the grievous†practice of baptizing covenant heirs into the humanist state via the Social Security numbering scheme.

Marriage by Biblical Covenant

The Answer to a Warped Gospel Picture.

Should the church of Jesus Christ reject the State Marriage License?

Vindicia Contra Tyronas

This†16th century work details the Christian's moral responsibility toward tyrannical civil rulers.

Written by French Protestants after the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre, this work was first published in 1579. It addresses the question of when is it right and just to resist the government.

Woodrow Wilson, a seminary trained Presbyterian,†led†our fathers†in†selling us into bondage.

The idolatrous church was silent then and remains silent today. Her silence is bought with government favors and she cowers before them. Many of the problems "conservative" Christians complain about are simply God's judgements on an idolatrous and willfully ignorant people.

The Withering Away of the Family

"We replace home education by social training"† Communist Manifesto

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