America (corporately) and Americans (individually) have been in open rebellion against Almighty God and his Christ. Christian Americans are especially culpable. This cultural rebellion began before we were born (even before our parents were born) and has been accelerating over the past 50 years. The church has been silent partners (and sometimes not so silent) with the enemies of Christ for at least 150 years. America sealed her death warrant with Roe v Wade. Reminds me of apostate Israel that cried “Let his blood be upon us...We have no king but Caesar!” Forty years later Christ returned and destroyed their Temple and their “holy city.” Millions of reprobate Jews perished.
You would think Christians would pay more attention to this and other biblical lessons.  Well I guess they are so busy entertaining themselves to death and calling it worship, they’ll have to get caught in the coming destruction before they wake up.
It is the job of the church to disciple the nations and teach them to obey all that Christ commanded. This task was abandoned long ago in favor of a cheap "accept Jesus and go to heaven when you die" message. The Christian parents’ job is to train up their children “in the Lord.” This they abandoned many years ago, turning them over to the atheistic government school to teach and train. Now we have cultural atheism and cultural idolatry which cannot be corrected without a complete wiping away and a new beginning. That is usually a very bloody process.
I lament not for “America” and her diminishing economic power. That is just one of many natural calamities that befall a people who turn from the true God and serve idols.
It's over! Get a grip on this fact and you will then be ready to be used of God. Obama in 2012, or not; it's over! Just look at the phony that the R’s put up. Mitt Romney? What a JOKE!  Can any thinking person take these charades seriously?  I just hope that the ugly end of the empire comes before all of the cultural capital is in their graves so there is somebody left to re-start Christian civilization.
One more thing. For the over 60 crowd....wasn’t it your generation that was fast asleep or clamored for “their share” while Mr. Roosevelt implemented all those social welfare and entitlement  programs? (Socialist Security being the grand-daddy of ‘em all) Wasn’t it your fathers that were fast asleep or clamored for “their share”, while the insiders in Washington and New York City stripped the constitution of most of its limitations. (The Federal Reserve Act, Seventeenth Amendment and the onset of the fraudulent personal income tax just to name the biggies.) AND, where was the outcry from your generation when the schools were converted to social experimental stations by socialist do-gooders and Christ-haters. And where were all you flag waving Americans when legalized baby murder was handed to us by NINE reprobates in black robes?
I know where I was. I, and a very few others, were on the field of battle. We have been pretty much all alone. We tried to wake you up, but you were too busy enjoying your petty little lives. We know where your generation was too. At the country club and driving your big motor homes around spending your kid’s inheritance while your were double dipping and collecting Social Security!
It's time to get honest with ourselves. Its time to look in the mirror and ask God to show us what we need to confess and repent. Its time to come clean. That is the only thing that will save us. God’s justice will not sleep forever. May he graciously remember mercy in his perfect judgment.
In service to the King,
Steven J. Wagner


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