Do you want to feed on God's Word and feel your spirit and soul be lifted to heaven while your hands and feet are trained for the joy-filled work of kingdom life? Open your Bible and follow along. While we do not want to promote the un-Biblical idea of an "Internet Church" we realize that there is a need for teaching from a covenantal & preterist perspective much wider than Whitehall, Montana. Let us encourage you to seek the Lord as to where and how you can best serve his Kingdom in your area. We believe whole-heartedly that the church is to consist of local communities of saints gathering regularly for congregational worship and fellowship. In doing so we set Christ before the world while we commune with him, eat with him and are nourished and strengthened for the week's vocational worship.

We are confident that consistent, Biblical, covenantal theology lived out in every aspect of our lives will eventually see defeatist futurism along with every root and branch of dispensationalism go the way of the Dodo bird. The strength of the Christian Gospel message will return and every family and nation on earth will bask in the warmth and light of the Son.

To God alone be the glory

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Tim_Martin.jpgTim Martin

Tim is a ( former ) teaching elder at Covenant Community Church. He and his wife Amy are the parents of 9 children. They were both home educated and are teaching their children at home. Tim provides for his family through his window cleaning business. They live on a small farmstead where they grow strawberries, asparagus and other yummy, wholesome food. To learn more visit their on-line farm, Covenant Gardens.Together with Jeffrey Vaughn, Tim is co-author of their recently published book Beyond Creation Science - New Covenant Creation From Genesis to Revelation.

Bo StuartBo_Stuart.jpg

Bo is a ( former ) teaching elder at Covenant Community Church. He and his wife Maggie have two grown daughters. They are active members of Covenant Community Church with their husbands and their 11 grand-children.  Bo is recently retired from a career with the United States Forest Service where he worked as a hydrologist.

Son-in-law, Prescott, has drafted him into a community home building project as a common laborer. Some think that's fitting punishment for working for the "guvamint" but Bo insists that working for "Uncle Sam" is its own punishment.

Tim's Most Recent Series

Mere Christianity

Bo Stuart's Most Recent Series

Galatians Revisited

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