Marriage and Family Series

 What is a Christian marriage?
What are the duties a husband owes his wife?
What does the wife owe her husband?
What does obedience of the faith look like in a Christian home?

This is the practical theology of marriage delivered in the no-nonsense, full-bodied, kingdom relevant way that Bo is so famous for. (Well, famous around here anyway!)


Part 1 'Made For Each Other ( The Indicative of Headship )     October 4, 2009  mp3_over.jpg 
Part 2 'Biblical Orientation ( A Lesson of Twos )'      October 25, 2009  mp3_over.jpg
Part 3 'Those Wonderful Differences ( Completely Compatible )'   November 8, 2009 mp3_over.jpg
Part 4 'The Mysterious Creation ( The Bride for the Groom )'       November 22, 2009
Part 5 'Incomparable Blessings ( 'the grass is NEVER greener!' )'   December 6, 2009  mp3_over.jpg

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