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Beyond Creation Science $14.00
Click Here for Product Details! Timothy Paul Martin enters the Genesis debate with a fresh and much needed approach. From the Bible itself you will see that the flood of Noahs day could not have been a global event as many Christians believe.
Liberty Tree 2006 $14.95
Click Here for Product Details! Project Liberty Tree 2006 includes a music CD and a printed copy of the Election Sermon preached by Mr. Tim Ewing at the Capitol in Helena, Montana on October 13, 2006. The CD includes the opening remarks of Legislative hosts. The booklet veresion of the sermon is considerable longer with much more historical documentation and complete with footnotes and references for the numerous qoutations Mr. Ewing used in his sermon.
Victorious Covenant Living Conference $30.00
Click Here for Product Details! Is Jesus Christ really the fulfillment of ALL of the law and the prophets? What is the "glory" of the story of scripture?
Donate $0.00
Click Here for Product Details! Our work is supported though the regular giving of our faithful covenant members. Others have expressed an interest in financially supporting this work of reformation. If you have been blessed by what we are doing or if you would like to add your shekels to the effort, we will put them to good use. Blessings!
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