On October 22nd, the day after 'doomsday', much of our congegation ( and a few friends ) gathered at the Martin ranch for their annual potato digging party. In just several hours; we must have dug and gathered into the ban more than a ton of potatoes ( altogether, Tim figures their harvest was 2,500-3,000 pounds worth, because they had dug quite a few for sale during the summer )! There were three varieties of potatoes, a red, a white ( brown ), and a purple; the biggest pile though, was the regular russet, and 'boy'; were some of them whoppers!

After the potaoes were all harvested, and gathered into the barn ( wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load ), the children had fun on the Martin's trampoline, while the men started some good fellowship out in the barn, and the women ( mostly ) were in the house. The cookout never really happened because the wind blew fairly well all evening ( till after we had eaten; go figure! )

Amy Martin ( Tim's wife ), made a huge pot of chili, and there were plenty of baked potatoes for dinner. After the main meal, the desserts came out, and everyone helped themselves to apple and pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, and a delicious coffee cake. Micah & Becky Martin also brought a dessert made from a greenhouse-grown berry ( akin to huckleberry ) called a 'wonderberry'; it was wonderful!

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