Dear Elders & Members of the Covenant Community Church, Montana.

Greetings to you brethren in Jesus name from the Lord's Church in Tenali, India. We have been constantly praying for you and hoping for your well-being both physically and spiritually (3 John 1:2).

It’s my pleasure to bring this report to the kind notice of elders and members of the Lord's Church in Montana, who have being praying for us in their daily supplications before God, our heavenly father.

It always delights my soul, to ( be ) sharing what ( the ) Lord is doing through our ministry in a mighty way here at Tenali and surrounding places. There is truly a reformation going on, and the brethren are turning from the falsified hope of doom & gloom, to the true biblical doctrine of grace, Peace and joy.

Since the release of my book, Preterist concepts have become a point for discussion among Christians at communal gatherings. Some have suggested abstaining from its reading, whereas some are forwarding it to more thoughtful persons to deal ( with ) the subject. I have a tremendous response from my readers, in general, asking me very good questions, inviting me to teach a class on the subject.

To say…these days I’m playing a role like of a call center guy attending various calls, clarifying doubts and giving details ( in ) explanation (when it’s needed) of the topic/subjects covered in my book. Sometimes this discussion may last half an hour to 3-4 hours (without interruption), which I greatly enjoy and learn the various techniques of answering and evaluate present believer's stand in understanding to teach Gods word.

Particularly there are few brethren and few places in our concern, ( that I ) would like to share with you and ask for your prayers. Whether they ( would ) like their names or photos being published or not, I don’t know…but their zeal for learning the truth and the nature of never submitting to falsehood, prompts me to remember them before the Church and ask for prayers, that they may come to the true understanding of His Purpose, Promise and fulfillment.

Narasarao Peta

Narasarao Peta is a small town in Guntur District, around 3 hr. journey from Tenali. Already having read the Partial Preteristic thoughts induced by Brother (late) Victor Thuraka D.D literature, an evangelist named S. Prabhu Das approached me over the phone. For almost 8 months we have not seen each other, but from time to time he has been challenged by our concepts and ( has ) started learning. Brother Prabhu Das is already pastoring a small congregation (having some 25 members) and he is from ( a ) poor family background. Recently, after reading my book and discussing with his fellow Pastors, ( he ) realized that they too hold similar to our view, but they have some doubts and needed some more explanation of topics from my book. So ( we ) finally had set a date (November 27, 2012) to visit their group and meet them in person, so that we could discuss more freely and fellowship with each other.

I finally went to Narasaro Peta, ( and ) Brother Prabhu Das along with his friend and evangelist P. George (who is working in Bangalore City of Karnataka State, south India) extended their warm welcome. Starting my lecture at 11 AM in the morning, ( I ) continued till 5 PM in the evening surveying the New Testament eschatology and the fulfillment of its accompanied events, by the fall ( and )Destruction of Jerusalem at A.D 70. These brethren had not foreseen and were unaware of the extent of the time I had taken in my studies, and so did not believe I would need more than a 1 hour class So they had not made any special arrangement for lunch at noon either! The lesson was so interesting for all of us, nobody wanted to interrupt the class and was seriously listening to me and recording through their mobile phone. Having taken the risk, all of ( the ) sudden Brother Prabhu Das made arrangements for tiffin (serving two vada’s) at noon to help the participants. We took around 35 min break for lunch and moved into our lesson. At ( the ) last I took another 30 min in answering their Questions. Then, I came to know about their major dilemma, ( which was ) believing that there were two different ‘eschaton’s in the bible, one for Israel another for the Christian Age, which I denied and clarified. They were so eager and interested to know more and asked for another two days class, maintaining the single and indivisible ‘eschaton’.


To that, ( a ) few brethren from another Part of our state of Andrah Pradesh are also in phone contact with me, asking doubts and following our teaching. Brother Adinarayana from Niziveedu and Brother Kishore from Kurnool, have been in frequent touch with me and they ( are ) also asking for a class in their respective places. Brother Dheeraj from Vijayawada was introduced to me by Brother Jeff Vaughn, when he approached him to buy ‘Beyond Creation Science’ online. Brother Dheeraj was a nice Youngman ( who had ) completed his master’s degree and ( was ) working in a private company. He also conducts a small bible class as well as worship services at his home. He also has been in frequent touch with me on ( the ) phone, asking doubts and learning the truth of Preterism.

Yesterday (7-December 2012) he came to my home with some Questions, asking for my explanation. I started teaching him at 10 AM, continued till 6:30 PM, and gave him ( a ) lot of our literature, CDs, ( and ) DVDs for his personal study. And also, from time to time Brother B.S Raju from Bangalore is in touch with me taking notes, asking doubts. He is with me for long time and doing ( the ) Lord's service in the city of Bangalore and surrounding places, conducting special bible classes, teaching the fulfillment.

Prayer Requests:

Brethren, you already know that I’m married for 6 years now and God has blessed me with my sweet little daughter Pravani (4 years old). Now once again my wife is pregnant and her due date is in this month. So I ask all your prayers for her normal and safe delivery of the Child. Lord willing, I’ll be visiting Brethren in Kurnool for a special bible study class, this week or later. Please pray that God may open doors for them to understand His word and for my safe journey and travelling expenses.

I thank you all for your precious time in reading this report and praying for us. And I wish all you brethren a very happy Christmas and best wishes for happy New Year 2013, which will be filled with lots of joy, peace, love, health and prosperity!

In His service,

Prabhu Das Karumanchi

# 11-4-78, Church Pet, Donka Rd.,

Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA-522202

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 Below are just a few of the men our brother from India was able to minister to in his travels!

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