January 12, 2012

A Report ---On Christmas Gift Distribution

Dear Brother Charles,

Greetings and thank you so much for your Love and being patient with me as I took time to give this report. I’ve had not a good sleep during these days, due to heavy work burden and slightly felt migraine ache, so I was taking little rest. First, I want to thank elders and all the members at Covenant Community Church, Montana for allowing us to be partakers of this great event. We are indebted; for you brethren have made it possible to reach the unreached, evaluate our ministry in preserving our stand; sharing and showing the love of Christ.

As I got the money transferred into my account, purchased all the required materials and left to Vinukonda, town, this is the place where I envision to plant churches and develop our ministry in the coming years! It is around 120KM (i.e. 3 hr journey) from my home town (Tenali), a backward area having water problem (.i.e. fluorosis affected water).

Now coming to the point, first (on 6thmidnight) we distributed a few blankets, as a Christmas gift to the homeless, road side beggars, sleeping nights at railways stations and bus stands, shivering in cold.

On the very next day (7thJan 12) we hosted a big event at Indira Nagar Colony in Vinukonda, where in presence of our chief guest, local MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) we distributed blankets among the poor and needy. This gave much exposure to the work we did and even MLA was impressed and appreciated our effort and assured that next time he will help like cause. I can’t explain how well and grand the event was…all national news papers, in district editions reported this event. We have not done this for any fame, but to help the needy and develop ministry among. And, in the evening hours, around 4 P.M. we especially hosted a small prayer meeting for the Christian widows and distributed sarees.

Another day (8thJan) early morning hours, on our bike chasing smoky mist, we headed towards the jungles, to meet the native tribal’s. These are the people that previously I mentioned about, they have no shops, no bus service, no autos, and no sophisticated life style and moreover transportation is at risk! As we reach there, came to know that one of their fellowman was bitten by Indian cobra, so people took him to the sorcerer, for magic words to heal him! It’s very sad to see people still bound in ignorance, unbelief and immoral practices. This village (YERRAVENI CHENCHU COLONY) consists of around 30 families, of them some are blind, some are lame, some are old age people and some are physically challenged. Whenever I come close to handover our Christmas gift, I witness smile in their faces, and words of blessing in their mouth, this makes me so happy for my labor.

This program couldn’t have been successful without the help of Covenant Community Church, our sister organization ‘Bridge Society’, friends, partners and natives. I praise God for this great opportunity. And I thank all you brethren for your kind support.

One more thing…

We are glad to bring this to your kind notice that December 27, 2011 we gave certificate to 13 qualified Pastors/Evangelist/students, who have successful completed the course on ‘Biblical Fulfillment’, offered by the WORDS OF TRUTH, Bible Training Center in Tenali, India. This is the first ever certification program

primarily focused teaching on fulfilled eschatology topics. Indeed, this could be a great encouragement for the preachers and ministry as well. Furthermore, we believe our initiatives, will yield fruits, and we can witness the growth of the Church as well as Bible School in India.

Keep us in your prayers that the Lord may sustain us that we may not compromise the challenges ahead! Thank you (1 Cor 15:58).


The amount that I got into my account

Blankets (167/-x 100) = 16,700/

Sarees (190/- x 25) = 4,750/-

Transportation & Travelling = 2,500/-

Miscellaneous Expenses = 3,800/-


Total = 27,750/-


Remaining Balance with me = 2,135/-


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