The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. -Psalm 28:7



The Elders, 
Covenant Community Church
Montana, USA.

I’m humbled by this rarest opportunity to write a book in service to my brethren by proclaiming the truth of the Gospel message and to glorify God.

My countless hours of my study, research, preparation and designing couldn’t have been taken its shape without the prayers and financial help from the Covenant Community Church, Montana. I sincerely thank each and every member of the Lords Church.  And I’m personally indebted to Brother Charles Shank, who stood on my behalf all the way in my troubles, needs and brought every need before the Church, prayerfully.

Today I’m very happy to announce that I’ve successfully completed my first ever book project in Telugu. I hope and pray that this work could prove to be a great blessing to many and even in the generations to come! I’m humbled to say that it the first Preterist work of its kind in Indian languages.  I’ve almost labored 6 months to accomplish this project. It’s really a great experience working on this project with lots scope to learn new things and to become a better presenter of the biblical fulfillment.

As soon as I’ve preparing my script I gave it to Prof. Dr. Manasseh, who agreed to write a foreword to my work at first hand. But after reading the work he feared, and didn’t want to put his fame on the line, so he intentionally started avoiding my work. He almost consumed two months of my time. When I chased Prof asking for the reason? He said to me ‘brother it’s a controversial subject’. Then, I immediately asked him in what sense sir? It’s controversial because it’s against the popularly accepted view on end-times or is exegetically wrong? I don’t have the answer!

Later, I gave him bunch of our Preterist materials, DVDs for his thorough investigation. As a final word, I told Prof that if he proves me or my view to be wrong exegetically… I said, I will quit publishing my work. Later I gave my script to another eminent scholar Prof G.Krupachari. He took another 20 days to write ‘insight’ to my book. This will be available on e-version/pdf of my work which will be shortly available on amazon and kindle versions; the preparatory work is in process.

During the course of my work I’ve seen many challenges, faced criticism, had appreciations and overall encouraged by its results. I’ve personally taken care in every aspect of my work whether it is printing or designing or binding or marketing I did all by myself!


  1. This book is NOT a translation of any work. I’ve adopted my own God gifted style in writing and presenting the standardly accepted view of Preterism; leaving no room for controversies that exists among the Preterist camps. 
  2. I’ve also personally drawn few charts on understanding/teaching the ‘Last day’s timeframe’ as well as ‘40 transitional period’ printed on pages 108,109.
  3. In this book, I ventured to introduce theological terms (as well as concepts) like ‘Preterism’, ‘Covenant Theology’, ‘Corporate Resurrection’ and etc., Instead of directly borrowing them into our language, I’ve Indianized those terms for the easy receptiveness of my fellow brethren.
  4. I believe my venture will open door for the commencement and marketing of the Preterist literature in India. I’ve allotted a few special pages, giving glimpse of best available books for deeper and thorough knowledge on the topic. I’m already in the process of marketing my title as well as other Preterist titles.

So far…I’ve negative response! Some leading Book stores, simply refused to display our materials/books in their stores. At this juncture I’m already in the process of setting up our own Preterist Book Stores, serving all over the Country, filling the gap!

  1. Major Evangelists/Pastors/leaders in the state of Andhra Pradesh will receive a copy of my book along with a covering letter to examine our ‘Preterist view’ and will be asked to expose if it’s contradictory with the biblical teaching regarding the nature and the Lords coming in the first Century. I believe this would challenge them to re-study the subject of eschatology.


In the real time, the estimation of Printing, Binding and handling has slightly exceeded then what I’ve in the estimation. This is because of my personal involvement and other expenses.


Paper    = 8,500/-

Page Designing   = 1,500/-

CPT Plates   = 3,200/-

Printing (8X16 Striking) = 4,000/-


Binding Charges  = 2,500/- 

Miscellaneous  = 5,000/-







Title of the Book_ The Second Coming of Christ- Past? Present? Future?_ Language_Telugu _No. of pages 130.

Section I- Topics Discussed_ 1. False Prophets…Failed Prophecies_ 2. The Second Coming of Christ- Past? Present? Future? _ 3. Are we living in the Last Days? _ 4. The Day of the Lord_ 5. The Resurrection_ 6. The New Heavens & New Earth_ 7. The significance of the A.D 70_ 8. Introducing… the Preterism_ 9. The Millennium.

Section II- Questions & Answers_1. What about our hope..?_ 2. TIME Perspective- God vs Man_ 3. What about the Baptism & Lord supper? _ 4. The Gospel Preaching reverent today? _ 5. What is the first resurrection? _ 6. Matthews 16:27-28 fulfilled? _ 7. The body in St. Paul line theology_ 8. What about the existence of SIN in the post 70 AD world? _ 9. The Dual-coming Theory?

Section-III _1. Understanding the Last Days (Chart)_2. 40 Years Typology (chart)_3. Matthews 24 & Luke 17 compared (chart) _

Appendage_ Websites_ important books_ bibliography.


Once again, I sincerely thank the elders and members of the Lords Church who have helping me in achieving my goal; sharing the good news of the Lords accomplished salvation and to live a fulfilled life.

Please let me know once you receive this mail. Thank you!

With Love & Prayers…



In His service, 
Prabhu Das Karumanchi 
#11-4-78, Church Pet, Donka Rd., 
Tenali 522202, Andhra Pradesh. India

Cell: 0091-9059579979


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