What is Kingdom Life?

Good question! You may well ask how Kingdom Living differs in substance from the ordinary life lived; to the casual observer, there may not be much observable difference, but upon further consideration and examination, these differences are revealed as extraordinary!

The life of many modern Christians is geared toward staunchly maintaining the separation between church and state, saving souls from the fire, and 'holding the fort till Jesus comes back'. Because of this focus, evangelization is confined, for the most part, to sharing the written word ( Gospel ) with those who may never have had the oppportunity to hear it. Though the Christians described above do ascribe to this belief system, there are ( increasingly ) some who do live ( inconsistently ) as if they are living in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior ( Father-Brother ), but most believe that 'Heaven's rule on earth ( as per Jesus' model prayer in Matthew 6 ) is, to whatever extent, in our future, or the future of our children's children.

To those Christians who believe that Jesus fulfilled His promise when and how He said He would, and that the prayer He taught His disciples to pray was answered in a timely and affirmative fashion; the time and place in which we now live, move, and have our being is that promised Kingdom, where our heavenly Father rules all according to His will, where the life of heaven has merged with that of earth!

Kingdom Living involes, not just living and loving as a Christian, shining the Life and Light of the Gospel into the midst of a culture of darkness and death, but living that life as serving the King of Kings, and Him alone, believing religiously ( acting on your belief ) that this is His world, and that He rules and reigns in the affairs of men and empires!

Kingdom Living involves, both in life and theology, acknowledging the presence of our Creator and Father, and His preeminent rule and reign over every facet of life, both in the everyday and in the political realm.

In this day and age, the Age of Empires, you might say, there is a battle raging in the minds of most, including many Christians, as to whether we live in the Empire of Man or the Empire of God. To live in the Empire of Man is to live according to man's law, bowing the knee, even to tyranny, trusting in man's innate goodness, government, and providence, but those who acknowledge the Empire or Kingdom of God live according to His Law ( of Love ) and bow the knee to Him alone, trusting in Him alone as the Source of all Good, Government and Providence! 



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