Resurrection Reality

by Stephen J. Wagner

Why is it that there is so much fear among religious and political conservatives over some supposed tyrannical plot by evil conspirators to gather all the people and nations of the world into a single political and religious order?  Is it the workings and writings of organizations like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, or the more secretive and certainly more sinister Skull and Crossbones Society and the Masonic Order? Is it from the hearing of the histories and the workings of the Old World banking dynasties of Rothschild, Lehman Brothers and Rockefellers with all of their lust for power and control. Is it the work of preachers and pundits pounding out their predictions of futuristic apocalypse week after week, book after book setting rapture dates and spinning Armageddon tales of horror, all with the imprimatur of biblical inerrancy.

Yes, yes and yes. If you answered "All of the above." you are right. When one comes under the sway of any one of these, unusually  charismatic and well trained pundits, they are easily drawn in and the "Chicken Little" syndrome is sure to follow.  When enough people buy in it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

As Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah we perhaps need to re-acquaint ourselves with what the bible really teaches about the change the world underwent as a result. Jesus ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father (God) from where He RULES (judges) in Heaven and on the Earth. The kingdoms (law systems) of this world HAVE BECOME the kingdoms of Christ. The GOVERNMENT of the world is on his shoulders. ALL AUTHORITY in Heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. His kingdom will have no end neither shall the INCREASE thereof. No more shall men be taught for ALL will know God for his law shall be written on their hearts.

Now all men not only have a relationship with the living God, they know in their heart of hearts that they belong to Him. The question is not; "Do I have a relationship to God?"  but "What is the nature of my relationship with God?" I am either rightly related in Christ Jesus or I am yet outside of the saving grace of God and under His wrath and judgment. For the later, the gospel message is "Be done with your miserable and futile rebellion and submit to the King." Let all who have breath praise Him. Take His yoke and live a life of joy filled service to the one who for your sake put aside his divinity and suffered a horrible death to satisfy the judgment of a holy and just God that should be yours.

Let all who thirst after righteousness come to the banquet table of the risen Christ and eat the very sweetest delicacies and drink of the finest wine.

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