Bo Stuart, Tim Martin, Steve Wagner

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Tim is a teaching elder at Covenant Community Church. He and his wife Amy were both home-schooled and are home-schooling their nine children, aged 18 to just several months old.  Tim is the oldest of a family of six children and Amy is in the middle of a family of five. Amy was baptized a Roman Catholic, spent time in a Baptist Christian School and a small RCUS congregation. Tim was raised in a Fundamentalist Church setting in the South, went to Bob Jones Academy, landed a job at Summit Ministries in Colorado and graduated from Christ College which was located in South Carolina. He and Amy met at a Life Preparation Conference in Atlanta which was organized by Gary North and Gary DeMar. They were married in the Denver area, and attended a Community Church until they moved to Montana in 1998. Tim is the author of Beyond Creation Science works a small farm and provides for his family through his window cleaning business.



Bo Stuart   

Bo is a teaching elder at Covenant Community Church. Mr. Stuart was raised in Bozeman, Montana as a Roman Catholic and became an agnostic while in college. In 1976, Bo met his future wife, and returned to the fold soon thereafter.

He and his wife Maggie have two grown daughters. They are both active members of Covenant Community Church with their husbands and their eleven Wagner grand-children.  Bo worked for the United States Forest Service as a hydrologist, until retirement in 2007.


Steve Wagner

Steve serves as the third elder (governing or ruling) at Covenant Community Church. He was raised in a large, faithful Roman Catholic family in Colorado. He married his high school sweet-heart, moved to Gunnison, Colorado to attend Western State College. It was there he developed a love for history and prepared himself for a teaching career. A quick survey of the financial prospects for history teachers in the '70's led to a decision to return to working in the growing family landscaping business.

Together with their growing little family Steve and Donarae were drafted into the pro-life movement in 1972. Working with many active Christians from different denominational backgrounds, becoming politically active on several fronts and enrolling their children in a Christian school all played significant parts in his desire to know God's Word and the study that followed prepared him for their exodus from Rome.

He and wife Donarae raised five children and currently have thirty-one grand-children. They moved to Montana in 1992 where with their three sons, they operate a successful landscaping business.


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