The Biblical Concept of "Covenant" Defined and Covenant Relationships Explained and Illustrated.

The understanding of Biblical Covenants is one major difference between the people of today and those that established our nation and laid the theological foundations of Western civilization.

Covenant defined:

A bond created by the swearing of an oath; a testament; a bond in blood sovereignly administered.

Covenant established:

 By words of promise.

Covenant secured:

 By oath and sanctions.

Attended with:

 Blessings for obedience & Curses for disobedience.


A Covenant is always effectual; All will be judged in history and/or in eternity.

Five elements of Biblical covenants:

■   True Transcendence -
God is over all. Not distant but distinct.
■   Hierarchy - Representative, mediatorial, visible sovereignty.
■   Ethics -
External and internal obedience to the commands of God. (Law)
■   Sanctions -
Blessings or curses
■   Continuity -
Inheritance. “To you and your children after you.”

The THREE distinct covenantal realms
established by God.


The Family “F”

■   Entered into by:
One qualified man and one qualified woman.
■   Created by: Marriage oath or “vows.”
■   Expanded by: Procreation and adoption.
■   Purpose: To exercise dominion through the raising up of faithful children.

■   Promised          Blessings;      

Faithful and prosperous children. Inherit the earth.
■   Promised Curses: Children destroyed and wasted inheritance.

The family is foundational. In the beginning God made Adam (Man) from the “dust” of the earth. Hence we have an affinity to the “earth” and an unbreakable connection to it. Contrary to what many Christians are taught, the earth is indeed our home. God breathed the “breath of life” into the man and he became a living soul. Here man was made to “know God” and relate to him as his Creator; his Father. Adam (Man) was then placed in a garden that God “planted” and was assigned a very noble and worthwhile task - to keep it; i.e. beautify it, make it produce, rule over it and everything in it.

In the pre-fall garden there was in Adam the Magistrate and the Church. “Rule over it” is the grant of authority by God. This authority was to be exercised by the agent (Adam) in service to his principal (God). Here in the beginning is what we call sphere sovereignty. Adam was given commands and granted the necessary authority to carry them out.


The Church “C”

 ■   Entered into by:

All who believe.

 ■   Created by:

Oath or promise.

 ■   Expanded by:

Evangelization and procreation.

 ■   Purpose:

Teach, disciple and discipline.

 ■   Promised blessings:

Joy, peace, spiritual growth.

 ■   Promised curses:

Separation, bitterness, spiritual decline.

The Magistrate “M”

 ■   Entered into by:

Birth or naturalization

 ■   Created by:

Oath or promise.

 ■   Expanded by:

Immigration and procreation.

 ■   Purpose:

Punish evil doers.

 ■   Promised blessings:

Peace, prosperity, liberty.

 ■   Promised curses:

War, poverty, tyranny, slavery, death


The symbol of cruel death, the cross is the center-piece of all of covenant history and of covenant relationship.

Here is an artistic vision that sums up that reality very well.

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