Our Creed and Constitution


Although we hold these historic creeds in the honor they deserve, and regard them highly for their historicity and honesty to God's Word; we do not ascribe to them as such, nor do we believe them to be on par with the Revelation ( as revealed in Holy Scripture ) of said Word of God. While these creeds are true and good in most respects, they are lacking, for the most part, in one very important aspect!

Bo Stuart, in his sermon on March 24th, 2013, explains what this important aspect of the Gospel is ( pay close attention to the latter half of his message );

Kingdom Rabbit Trails

Table of Contents


Historic Creeds  

    Apostles Creed  

    Athanasian Creed  

    Definition of Chalcedon  

    Nicene Creed  

    Modern Creed 


Article I:             Membership & Elections  

    Article II:            Elders & Deacons  

    Article III:           Biblical Worldview  

    Article IV:          Church Discipline  

    Article V:           Amendment  

    Appendix "A"   Covenant of Membership 

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