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Brent-Winters.jpg Please read our first guest essay by common-law scholar & authority Brent Allan Winters, HERE.


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One of our brothers in India, and a member of our Covenant Community, Prabhu Das Karumanchi, has sent us another glorious report of his efforts and glowing accomplishments for the Kingdom of God, in spreading the message of the fulfilled Gospel of Jesus the Christ!

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 The Solemnization of Marriage

William ( Bill ) Hildebrandt and Donna Castanon, both formerly of Colorado, were formally joined together in the bonds of a covenant marriage on Sonday, October 7th, in the year of our Lord 2012!

Mr. & Mrs. William Hildebrandt have joined us here at Covenant Community Church, and blessed us all by allowing us both to witness this wedding and their ensuing marriage, for which we are most happy and full of Joy!

We wish them all the best, and with God's strength, and by His will, will uphold them both throughout the coming years, with all blessedness!



 This book is written in the Telugu Indian language, and is very likely the first of its kind to be presented on the Indian subcontinent. It is NOT a translation of another work in another language; this book was written for the Telugu-speaking people, by a Telugu-speaking brother, a native Indian brother who, as we shall see in his report below, fulfilled this project in just 6 month!

Please uphold this brother in prayer, and lend him whatever support you can offer him in this daunting Kingdom Project of the spread of the Fulfillled Gospel of Jesus the Christ: praise to our Lord and Father!

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Over the holidays; we, the Body of Christ at Covenant Community Church welcomed the newest member of our global Covenant Community. We would like to introduce to you, our friend and brother, Prabhu Das!


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Shane & Cortany

The Boyle-Oakes wedding on Saturday the 23rd of July, thanks be to God, did NOT go off without a 'hitch.' The very happy Shane Boyle and the stunningly beautiful Cortany Oakes made vows to each other and God in the presence of a large congregation, as God's special 'touch' came floating down. If we hadn't known any better we might have thought that it was snowing as a special blessing floated gently from above. That little treat was the 'cotton' from the beautiful old cottonwoods there in beautiful little Pony Park, nestled in the foothills of the Tobacco Root mountains. As Louis had gotten rid, with God's direction, of most of the 'skeeters' the night before, we had a very pleasant evening with hardly a bite. ( Poor, brave Louis! )

As the music began to play everyone took their seats and the short ceremony began. At one point the bride started to lose control of her emotions, almost causing the minister who was officiating to join her. With the whispered words, 'we're gonna make it'; he pulled both of them back from the edge and the ceremony went on.

After vows were given and received, along with the prerequisite golden bands; before God and this congregation Shane and Cortany were pronounced lawfully wedded husband and wife. Although I cannot remember his exact words; instead of the traditional 'you may now kiss the bride', the minister, after an appropriate pause, said something like, 'I believe you know what to do now, Shane', so they kissed, and with our Lord's sure help will live together happily ever after!

After the ceremony came my favorite part; the eating! There was enough BBQ Beef to feed a small Army and plenty of delicious side dishes and drinks. ( the 'apple pie' was excellent THANKS RICH!). Some of the men stood around afterwards smoking some very large cigars, and shootin' the breeze. It turned a little chilly as the evening wore on, but all in all, it was a glorious day!



 Here is a report from the newest member of our global covenant community. Praises be to God most high; we were able to help this brother with a small gift earlier this month, and he has graciously prepared this report of how the Gift was shared!



Read his Report





  The Country Ball
Saturday Night September 9th at the Cardwell Pavilion

Our First Country Ball was a smashing success! Missy Snitko and Maggie Stuart are to be thanked for their work and imagination in bringing about this delightful evening. Great food, fellowship, music and dance was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Missy was assisted by her sister Christy who came to Whitehall from Virginia via California. Christy set  about teaching us some Irish and Scottish dances in practice which was held at the Education Station on the  Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings before the ball. With the room packed and many of us exerting great effort to learn the dances, the large room in the Station got pretty hot. So, on Friday we took it all out on the lawn. Although we were much more comfortable it must have been quite a scene and surely  provided some laughs for the local passer-bys. 

We were also blessed to have the help of Marcia McGuire and her two lovely daughters, Hannah and Rebecca. They came over from western Washington State to add to the basic repertoire that Christy started us with. They brought some great music and generally added a great amount of excitement and enthusiasm to the evening.

Lovely ladies in colorful gowns and finely clad gentlemen put down some pretty good reels and jigs.

Young men and maidens not only learned some great dances but also some of the finer points of etiquette. It has been reported that more than one of the young lads engaged in some good natured competition  for the privilege to dance with particular maidens. A couple from afar off near Ennis remarked that this was the best dance they had been to in quite awhile.

The evening ended with a time of visiting and  enjoying the last of the wonderful snacks and drink and a prayer of thanksgiving led by Mr. Stuart. There was enthusiastic talk of planning for the next ball some time during the winter.

Again, to Missy, Christy, Maggie, Marcia, Hannah and Rebecca as well as to all the others that so willingly brought their gifts to the affair. To Samuel for the sound system, Bethel for her violin solo, all the ladies that helped with the food and the guys that helped with the set up.



The "Hero of the St. James Massacre" and author of "Shooting Back" the Duty of Self Defense spoke to the men of Covenant Community Church on May 4th. Charl gave a clear defense of the Gospel as it applies to the duty of men to use whatever force necessary to protect themselves, their families and communities. About two dozen men and older boys were blessed to meet and listen to a true defender of the Gospel. An afternoon of fellowship and fun at the shooting range followed.

Charl is known as the "Hero of the St. James Massacre" for his valiant response to a group of Islamic thugs that attacked a congregation in the middle of worship. Charl was armed and returned fire, thus causing the attacks to flee which prevented many more from being killed or injured.

Please pray for his mission work and that of his parent organization Frontline Fellowship.

We are supporting the mission work of Charl vanWyk as he works with Frontline Fellowship to take the Gospel to the war zones of Africa. Charl, wife Sojna and family live in Jamestown, South Africa.

NEWS 3/24/06

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for your prayers for our family and especially Sonja and
baby.  Anya was born by caesarean section at 15h30 on Friday 24 March 2006.
She weighed 3,2kg and is exceptionally beautiful.  Anya means 'favour of

Praise the Lord that mother and baby are well, just father is trying to
recover from all the excitement.

Thank you for all your prayer and support.  May our Lord and Saviour, Jesus
Christ, give us the ability to raise her in the fear of the Lord.

God bless

Charl, Sonja, Roberta, Jason, John-Marc and Anya van Wyk

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