We are in the process of an overhaul....
Much of the content of our site has been removed as
it is in need of revision or it no longer accurately
reflects what we are about.

Our past sermons by Bo Stuart and Tim Martin
are still all here. They represent work that we
believe is food for the soul and encouragement
for those seeking understanding.

Stay tuned........


Here is where you will find the on-line presence of
Covenant Community Church. You may find our site
a bit different than the standard church web-site. Since we practice our faith in a congregational setting this means that our gathering for worship includes singing, teaching, preaching and prayer.  Our worship then flows out into the world around us. Our vocations, our recreation, family life, child-rearing, homemaking and fellowship are an intregral part of living holy (set aside) lives to the glory of God. We reject the sacred/secular dichotomy.

We tend to attract folks that have had their fill of the typical "Americanized", corporate, seeker-friendly, offend no one and say nothing that threatens the cultural assumptions of today's believer/church. We believe the Word of God is to be faithfully applied to all areas of life. We know that as salt and light, the church is to be a redemptive society with a restorative mission as She declares the truth to all men and leads by her couragous example.

We document our community life in the hope that "seeing" what we do in "real life" will encourage others and demonstrate what real Christian community life can look like.
We are blessed to have had two teaching elders who for over a decade have been alternating their service in our pulpit with some of the most clear,  refreshing and world changing teaching that you will find anywhere.

We have most of the teaching from our pulpit on-line.
For a complete index of these sermons, click here.

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